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'Yacht Sailing' Top Joomla Template

The ‘Yacht Sailing’ is a charming Joomla 1.5 template entirely dedicated to sailing and yachting. The template is part of the awesome collection with free Joomla themes of ThemZa and is absolutely free for usage and download. The ‘Yacht Sailing’ free Joomla template is presented in three main colors (red, green and blue one) that will allow you to diversify the layout of your Joomla-based website. The three column structure of the template is built of two side lines which are perfect for adding various Joomla modules and a central part dedicated for the main contend of your Joomla webpage. The splendid banner illustrates a young man sailing across the sea enjoying the fresh sea air.

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Red Version of 'Yacht Sailing' Joomla 1.5 Design

Blue Version of 'Yacht Sailing' Joomla Template

Orange Version of 'Yacht Sailing' Free Joomla 1.5 Theme